The Best Places to See Fado Music in Lisbon
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Fado music began in the 1800s and has grown in popularity since. Many in Lisbon believe that it’s the window into Portugal’s soul. It’s performed by a woman with a small band around her. Even if you can’t understand the words, you will feel drawn to the sound and sights when you get the best places for Fado music in Lisbon.

1) A Nini Makes the Music a Priority

Many places will often have the music as a side entertainment while you eat. At A Nini, the music is the priority. The tables are laid out to put the Fado music in the centre and draw attention to it. It’s also one of the most affordable options on the list! After all, people pay a hefty amount to see great music.

A Nini has its own star entertaining customers every night. Matilde Silva is employed solely by A Nini at the time of writing this.

2) Try the New Adega Machado

best fado restaurants in lisbon, Adega Machado

Before 2012, people would have told you to avoid Adega Machade. However, that all changed when new management took it over. It’s now home to better food and better singers. Resident Fado singers include Pedro Moutinho, Isabel Noronha, and Marco Rodrigues.

You’ll get a mixture of both Spanish and Portuguese guitars within the restaurant and a double bass. One thing the new owners decided to keep were the black-and-white photos of Amalia throughout the restaurant. One of the downsides is the cost, at around 50 euros for a full meal, but it’s all worth it for the music.

3) Bela for a Little of Everything

Fado is beautiful when it’s sung well. When it’s sung out of tune, it can be highly amusing. Bela offers something for everyone, with songs written by the artists themselves, amateurs, and the best in the area.

At the same time, you’ll get beautiful wine and tasty snacks and food. Opt for the codfish if you want something from the local fisherman. It’s to die for!

4) See Promise at Casa de Linhares Restaurant

restaurant Casa de Linhares, fado lisbon

Not all restaurants can get some of the best Fado stars. If you’re happy to see the upcoming stars and promising talent, you’ll want to take a trip to Casa de Linhares in Lisbon. While there is a 10 euro fee just for the Fado, it’s worthwhile to see younger people honing their skills.

There are some veteran singers and performers. Look out for the nights with Cidalia Moreira and Jorge Fernando.

5) Just Listen at Clube de Fado

Want a club where you don’t have to spend money on dining? Clube de Fado is the place to go for this in Lisbon. After 10:30pm, you just need to pay the Fado fee of 7.50 euros. Before that, you’ll be seated for a meal and will be expected to eat. If you do want food, traditional dining is available.

Despite the ability to just listen, there are big names that perform at the club. Look out for Maria Ana Bobone and Cuca Roseta.


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