Best Beaches in Lisbon
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Want a beach holiday? That’s common when visiting Lisbon. Before choosing just any Lisbon beach, make sure you get the best options. Here are the best beaches in Lisbon to visit.

A) Swimming at Portinho da Arrabida

Portinho da Arrabida, beaches in lisbon

If you want to take in some swimming or scuba diving, Portinho da Arrabida is the spot that you want to visit. The bay has calm water that is the clear blue-green colour that you dream of having on vacation. The temperature is also perfect for diving in and splashing with your family.

Just nearby is Coelhos beach. While technically a different place, they are actually next to one another and have some similar traits. You can jump here if Portinho da Arrabida gets too crowded for your liking, as it is popular.

You would need to hire a car in Lisbon to get here, as there’s no decent public transport.

B) Windsurfing at Guincho Beach

Guincho Beach, Lisbon

When you want to catch the waves for some windsurfing, make sure you get to Cascais’ Guincho Beach. This is also one of the most beautiful of all Lisbon beaches, with gorgeous, soft sand. Even if you don’t want to go windsurfing, take a trip at sunset for the amazing views.

The winds don’t make it the best option for swimming. It can also be a little too much for the kids, unless they’re used to the higher winds.

One upside is the Bar do Guincho on the beach. You’ll get a light meal, a shake, and more from here.

C) Relax at Meco Beach

Meco lisbon beach

One of the best beaches for relaxation is definitely Meco. It tends to be the least crowded of all Lisbon beaches, and is one of the cleanest. The only neighbours you’ll have are the flock of seagulls, but they’re more interested in the fish they can catch from the water.

If you’re feeling peckish, don’t worry. There’s Mar do Peixe Restaurant just down the road from the beach.

The biggest downside to the beach is the isolated location. It’s hard to reach by public transport, so you’ll need your own car.

D) Easy Access at Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica, best beaches near lisbon

Want a beach that doesn’t require a car? You’ll want Costa da Capraric. However, bear in mind that this is one of the most popular Lisbon beaches, especially for tourists. It’s just a 5-minute walk from Praca de Espanha bus terminal and there’s an open-air train that passes by throughout the summer.

A major benefit is the location. Not only are you close to the transport, but you are also right next to the bars, restaurants, and shops. You will easily find something to do and it’s one of the perfect spots for those who want to travel very little during their vacation.

Make sure you get to Praia da Cabana for the live music on the beach. There are also sofas and massages if you really want to unwind and relax!


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