Visit Portugal: Road Trip Itinerary
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Taking a road trip is a great way to see everything one country has to offer. You’re not looking at the clock to make sure you can make it back to a hotel site in time and you’re not worried about running out of things to do. A Portugal road trip is fun, especially when you plan ahead with this itinerary.

1 - Start with the Capital

road trip Lisbon

Begin your journey with a trip to the capital. Lisbon makes sense, anyway, since you’ll likely fly into here. It’s also one of the best spots to get easy access to car or campervan hire.

Four days in Lisbon will help you make the most out of it. Put the Castle of Sao Jorge, the House of Spikes, and the Santa Justa Lift into your itinerary for your visit around Lisbon. You’ll be able to see what remains of Carmo, after it was destroyed in the devastating 1755 earthquake.

Finish your last night at one of the top clubs for Fado music. This is the authentic music from the 1800s and continues to entertain and relax people today.

2 - Drive North to Obidos

road trip Obidos, travel

You don’t want to spend too much time in your car, so Obidos is a good stopping point. You’ll only be in the car for about an hour but will instantly see changes from the capital. Have time in your Portugal road trip itinerary to spend 5-7 days around here, although three is the absolute minimum.

If you visit in July, look out for the Mercado Medieval Fair. This is a 10-day event and full of some beautiful elements of history and plenty of fun for the whole family. If you’re going in February, the 14-day Chocolate Festival is definitely worth planning around. Obidos is chocolate heaven, so make sure you get some of the local chocolate shot glasses (yes, really!).

3 - Drive an Hour to Coimbra

Coimbra Portugal trip

It’s time to jump back in the car and take another hour-long drive to Coimbra. If you have time, spending a week here is good but two days will give you time to see a lot. There are annual festivals to look out for. July is the Festa das Latas and May is the Queima das Fita. There’s plenty of dancing, singing, and entertainment for all.

Fado music is popular here, but it’s sung by men rather than women. It’s certainly something to check out!

4 - Spend a Few Days in Aveiro

road trip Aveiro, Portugal Road

Aveiro is a beautiful part of the country and is known as the Venice of Portugal. You won’t need many guesses to figure out why. It will only take 40 minutes in the car to get here. Once you’re there, take a couple of days to stretch your legs and enjoy the sights. Take a boat tour or a trip on one of the gondolas to feel like you’re part of the locals.

You’ll only need two days here to make the most of the area. It’s one of the popular options for beaches, so it will be time to relax.

5 - Finish In Porto

Porto, portugal road trip

Finally, take the drive back to Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. It overlooks the Douro River and is one of the most peaceful, historical spots. In fact, it’s one of the World Heritage sites set by UNESCO. Don’t forget to take a trip down the river on one of the boats and spend time on a terrace as everyone else passes you by.

If you have time, take a trip to the Minho region, which is easily accessible from Porto for a day. You can then drive back to Lisbon, taking about three hours.


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