Santa Justa Lift in Lisbon
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Not everyone would opt for a lift during their vacation, but this is a little different. The Santa Justa Lift, also known as the Carmo Lift, is a way to experience more than just the sights of Lisbon. You will gain a world of history within minutes.

  • Open 7am - 11pm (10pm November to April).
  • 5 euros per person (Return ticket).

History of Santa Justa

The Santa Justa Lift has been a tourist attraction from the very beginning of its conception. There are very few conventional lifts in the city now, as many are actually funicular railways or have been demolished. You won’t just see the city, but you get a connection to Baiza’s lower streets to Carmo Square. Before construction, people had to navigate the Lisbon hills to get to the square.

Petitions for the lift started in 1874, but it wasn’t until 1896 that Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard was given the license to start creating it! On the very first day it was opened in 1902, 3,000 tickets to it were sold! That’s how instantly popular it was.

Amusingly, 20 people will fit in the lift to go up. However, coming down, only 15 people are allowed in! 24 people were in the lift on the first trip.

After that, various elements were added to the lift to make it accessible and useful. It is now part of the historical guides and something everyone is encouraged to even just see when they are in the city. Chances are you will go in it just to get to Carmo Square.

See the Sights of Lisbon

From the top floor of the lift, you will see beautiful, 360 degree views of the city. It keeps its 18th and early 19th century architecture, including the iron gate as you exit into Carmo Square. The building materials are now symbolic and show some of the history of the city in all its beauty.

When you look out from the top, you will soon realize just why you can’t get around by foot easily. You’re welcomed by the picturesque mountains and hills around.

The lift certainly isn’t the tallest structure in the world, standing at 147ft high. However, it does share some architectural elements with the Eiffel Tower. Those similarities were not by accident!

Prices and Getting to Santa Justa Lift

It’s very easy to get to the lift and you will certainly spot it once you’re in the area. The metro’s green and blue lines will take you there. Just get off at Baixa/Chiado and walk towards the huge construction from there!

It’s open throughout the year. However, it does open until 11pm during the summer months but only until 10pm in the winter months.

You’ll need to get a return ticket, as you’ll want to get the lift back down once you’ve finished sightseeing. You can get these at the lift kiosk for just 5 euros per person.


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