9 Things to Do in Faro
things to do in faro, faro portugal points of interest


Faro is one of the most popular spots in Portugal for tourists. The sights and things to do in Faro are certainly the reasons why. Here are 10 things you need to do when you visit.

1 - Relax at Praia de Faro

Praia de Faro, things to do in faro

If beaches are on your list of places to get to, you’ll want to choose Priaia de Faro. The downside to this is that it is very close to the airport, so you’ll have the airport traffic. This is also an upside, since you get straight out of arrivals and soak in the sun. Let the kids run off that built-up energy.

2 - See Cidade Velha

faro things to do, Cidade Velha

Want the old cobble streets of Portugal? Cidade Velha has it all. Take a trip to the Arco da Vila for the most beautiful architecture you will ever see. There are also plenty of clubs, events, and restaurants in the area.

3 - Take a Trip Around Se de Faro

One of the oldest surviving buildings in Portugal is Se de Faro, making it one of those top things to do in Faro. It was built as a Roman temple and then became a Moorish mosque, until it was developed into the cathedral that it is today. Get to the top and you’ll have an amazing view of Faro from all sides.

4 - Go to Faro’s Municipal Museum

Faro Municipal Museum

When you want something cheap, make sure you visit the Municipal Museum. It’s the home of the gorgeous Mosaic of the Ocean from the 3rd century and tells the full story of Faro up to the day you visit. At just 2 euros per adult and 1 euro for a concession, you can’t miss it.

5 - See the Churches of Faro

Churches of Faro, faro portugal points of interest

If you would like to do some walking around Faro, use the opportunity to see all the churches. Igreja de Misericordia is one of the oldest, surviving the 1755 earthquake, but you also can’t miss Capela dos Ossos, which was built from the skills and bones of 1,200+ monks! Yes, really!

6 - Take a Tour of Ria Formosa

Ria Formosa is also known as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. It’s one of the must things to do in Faro, whether you want peace, adventure, or excitement. There is something for all. There’s even now a tapas bar within an old tidal mill. Opt for a guided tour to learn more about Faro than you will ever do on your own.

7 - See Ilha Deserta

Ilha Deserta, faro portugal

Also known as Barreta Island, this location in the Rio Formosa National Park is a deserted sand island. Only the local flamingos spend time here, but it’s also one of the most quaint and beautiful spots right on the border to Spain. Look out for boat hires and tours to the island.

8 - Enjoy the Local Fish

There are many things to eat and drink, but the local fish is something you just can’t miss. All the restaurants serve local catches, but Restaurante Faro E Benfica is one of the best and most trusted. You’ll even get to choose your fish before you eat it!

9 - Get to the Arco da Vila

Arco da Vila Faro, faro attractions

If you didn’t already when you visited the Cidade Velha, make sure you pay a specific visit to the Arco da Vila. It’s full of Moorish architecture within the foundation but builds to the beautiful Neo-Classical appearance at the top. Look out for the Arabic gateway within the building. It’s all original. The best part is that it’s free.


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