10 Things to Do in Porto
things to do in porto, things to see in porto


Are you struggling to find things to do in Porto? The area is known for its fine cuisine and excellent alcohol, but you’ll want to do something that is family friend and fun throughout your vacation. While some of the top things do to will involve eating out and tasting the wines, there are plenty of other activities to try out. Here are 10 things you will need to do!

1 - Spend Some Time on a Ribeira District Terrace

porto things to do, Ribeira District Terrace

Sometimes you just want to kick back and relax. Grab a good book and take the time to chill from your vacation. The Ribeira District is set up just for this. You can get a spot on a terrace and just watch the boats go up and down the river. This is an excellent chance to order a Super Bock from a local restaurant and take in the sun.

2 - Opt for a Douro River Cruise

Douro River Cruise, Porto

There are options for this cruise all the way along the Douro River, under any one of the six bridges. Make sure you go for one of the Rabelo barcos (Rabelo boats) to get the authentic feel of travelling down the river. This can be an expensive option, as some will cost 75 euros, but there are all sorts of activities that you can book while you do it.

3 - Try a Francesinha

Francesinha Porto, things to do in porto

Yes, there is an eating one on the list. The Francesinha is a local dish in Porto. It’s a sandwich of a variety of meat with melted cheese over the top. You can also get one with shrimp and prawns if you prefer something a little different.

4 - Get to the Mercado do Bolhao

Mercado do Bolhao Porto, porto attractions

The Bolhao Market is one of the most important things to do in Porto. It’s one of the best ways to take in the true authenticity of the area. Take in the sights, sounds, and more as you walk around and don’t forget to barter for that must-have item to take back home.

5 - Take a Trip to the Centre Protugues de Fotografia

Want something that is inexpensive and fun for all? The Centre Portugues de Fotografia is a must. This houses free photo exhibitions from local photographers and others around the world. Most spectacularly, the museum used to be a prison and all the original doors are there!

6 - View the Artwork at Rua Miguel Bombard

Rua Miguel Bombard Porto Portugal

Rua Miguel Bombard is the home of beautiful art. If you time your visit right, you’ll also find live street entertainment and music. Just across the road is the Bombarda Shopping Mall for a spot of retail therapy.

7 - Spend Sunday Morning at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art

Want another free thing to do? The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art is the place to go. It’s free on a Sunday morning and you’ll get full access to the art and magical gardens. There are different circuits, depending on the time you have to spare. Some take up to two hours!

8 - See the Palacio da Bolsa do Porto

There isn’t much to do here, but you’re going for the amazing architecture. This is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, so worth visiting to get photos.

9 - See a Concert

The Casa da Musica has a range of performances and concerts on throughout the year. Make an effort to get a ticket and enjoy the sounds of the locals.

10 - Visit a Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Porto

Of course, wine tasting is a must when it comes to things to do in Porto. There are many wine cellars around, also known as Caves by the locals. You’ll learn all about the notable people and traditions from the area.


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